2013 Preview

Clare Vale in Action at the Rock
Clare Vale in Action at the Rock

Clare Vale’s 2013 motorsport season got off to a good start. She has already completed her first Japan Auto Drift Series round at The Rock Raceway, qualifying 9th and progressing to the top 8 before being knocked out by Rock Champion Ernest Simpson.


This season Clare Vale will be shifting her focus to drifting, in particular, to the SupaDrift National Championship. Drifting has garnered a lot of attention and fans over the past few seasons and looks set to grow even more in 2013. Clare competes in her RAM V8 Mustang in the series, a car that has required an enormous amount of development. The team has learnt a lot from the 2012 season and the car is now ready to turn its potential into results.


Clare finally has a car that suits her driving style and is keen to hone her drifting skills this year. Her task will also be made easier with the RAM team’s commitment to the drift discipline, rather than a constant shift between drifting and circuit racing.


This season will see the SupaDrift series travel to Port Shepstone, The Rock Raceway in Gauteng, Kimberly, and Cape Town. The series will also form part of the Durban Motor Show and the Gauteng Motor Show. The series is growing in popularity with spectators and competitors, and the addition of new venues will take drifting across the country and bring many more fans and followers.


Clare on the upcoming season: ”2012 was a difficult year for me and for the RAM team. We were competing in both circuit and drift events, and our drift specific Mustang proved to be a challenging build. This season, we’re committed to the National Supadrift series and this new focus is already paying dividends. We had a great first outing at the Japan Auto event at The Rock, qualifying well against some experienced competitors and going through to the Top 8. The car is working well for me and I’m really looking forward to our 2013 Sideways Season!”


Clare Vale
Clare Vale

2012 SupaDrift Calendar



2nd March                            SupaDrift                             The Rock Raceway, Brakpan

29th March – 1st April       SupaDrift                             Mostermob Raceway, Kimberly

11th May                               SupaDrift                             Dezzi Circuit, Port Shepstone

1st – 2nd June                      SupaDrift                             Zwartkops Raceway, Pretoria – Gauteng Motorshow

29th June                              SupaDrift                             Dezzi Circuit, Port Shepstone

17th August                         SupaDrift                             Dezzi Circuit, Port Shepstone

(alt. Zwartkops Raceway, Pretoria)

28th September                 SupaDrift                             Durban City

(alt. East London Grand Prix Circuit)

12th October                       SupaDrift                             Killarney, Cape Town

8th – 10th November        SupaDrift                             Durban Motorshow, Durban City

30th November                  SupaDrift Invitational     Cape Town International Invitational

7th December                     SupaDrift Invitational     The Rock Raceway, Brakpan – Rock vs SupaDrift