Clare Vale takes on the Mozambiquean Challenge

Brakpan – The weekend saw Clare Vale join local drifters in a challenge event at the Rock Raceway against drifters from Mozambique. The event was a once off event at the Rock and the final event of the 2014 drift season. A strong field of almost 40 drifters took to the tight confines of the oval circuit and the standard of drifting was outstanding.

Clare put in two strong runs which placed her as fourth qualifier in the Silver Cup, along with several top drivers who missed out on a Gold Cup spot. The big RAM Mustang is not well suited to a very tight circuit, and Clare unfortunately took out a cone in her tandem round against one of the Mozambique drivers, resulting in an early night for the RAM team.


Clare Vale on the event: ”We realised it would be a challenging weekend for us when we saw the tight layout for the event. Despite the fact that I was not able to use second gear on the day, I had two great qualifying runs and a good lead run in the tandems. Unfortunately, I had to slow down in my following run and hit a cone in one of the sharper turns. Although we were a little disappointed that we didn’t do better, overall the RAM Team has made major progress this season and we now have time to up our game for 2014!

I would like to thank my team and my sponsors, RAM Automotive, for their hard work and support, and I’m delighted to say that RAM have confirmed their partnership with me again for 2014. I’ve had fantastic encouragement and support from our fans and the other competitors throughout the season and the whole team is looking forward to a very competitive drifting season next year!”

Images courtesy of Hannes Bronkhorst.