Excellent Outing for Clare Vale at Rockmania

Brakpan – Clare Vale competed at a packed Rock Raceway for Saturday’s Rockmania event. Her RAM Mustang was on the button and looked superb on track all weekend. The event is a motorsport festival held at the Rock Raceway three times over the year to showcase all their different racing categories, and includes a spectacular stunt. This time the stunt featured a magnificent Yak aerobatic aircraft, which performed in front of packed grandstands. The event was supported to the extent that the gates had to be closed when the circuit reached its full capacity.


The crowd loved the powerful RAM V8 Mustang, and although she didn’t get through to the Top 8, there were many calls for a “one more time”!


Clare Vale on the event: ”Rockmania was an incredible event. The Rock Raceway was packed to the gills with enthusiastic motorsport fans, and the competitors put on a fantastic show. The Rock really raised the bar with the aircraft stunt, too. My RAM Mustang was in awesome form and our leading run was one of our best ever. I’m still getting to grips with reining in all that horsepower behind a slower car, though, so unfortunately lost points by straight lining when following Fred Cooper Jnr. I have plenty of time to work on that before our next event, so I’m really looking forward to the next Japan Auto drift event at The Rock on August 3rd!”


You can follow Clare Vale on twitter @clarevale.