Dusty Zwartkops Hosts Challenging Supadrift 03

Pretoria – This weekend saw Clare Vale travel to Zwartkops Raceway for round 3 of this season’s SupaDrift championship. She was hoping to debut her Liqui-Moly Subaru BRZ but electronic issues put a damper on that plan, and she tackled the circuit with the Liqui-Moly V8 Mustang instead.

SupaDrift03_SDM (12)

The track layout was challenging, with a high speed, uphill initiation followed by a series of shallow drifts. Many competitors battled and red dust hung in the air at regular intervals as drift cars slid off track and through the dirt.

Clare’s Mustang proved a handful on the weekend, and the team made numerous changes to the set up without success. Although Clare drove around the problems as much as possible, she missed out on a Top 16 qualifying run and had to be content with only 45 points.

Clare Vale on the event:

”Our plan had been to run the #86Liqui-Moly BRZ at this event, and when this car went into limp mode on the Thursday before the event, we had to prepare the Mustang in a hurry. With no time to test, we arrived on Friday to find the car was not getting full angle on the front suspension.

SupaDrift03_SDM (93)

Despite the team’s valiant efforts, we just couldn’t find the problem and I wasn’t able to string together a decent qualifying run when it counted. They say motorsport is character building and with this in mind, we’ll be spending some long hours in the workshop to make sure both cars are set up and ready for the next round!”